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My name is Katalin Kassai. I was born 1958, in Miskolc, Hungary. I was 60 last year.
When I was a child, I always had some “preoccupation” during the day: I embroidered, I knitted, I crocheted, I tried out using many techniques, I made pottery, and I also made some carvings.
At school I had some quite decent masters in Arts who taught me. It’s a funny thing that while all my masters had diverse bodies of work, yet their points of view, values were almost the same. My job would have been quite simple: just to follow the path that was highlighted for me to take…
I, on the other hand – at the age of 18 – wanted to be a knit-crocheted material designer… I failed at that, however, in the same year I was accepted into the College of Eger, Faculty of Arts and Mathematics. Then in the next 35 years, all this time, I could teach and educate children. These were the best years… We achieved much great success, together with the students, I have many nice memories – and thanks to the internet – I still can maintain those precious relationships.

While I was a teacher, my self-expression or you could say showing off my unique ways in arts was less-emphasized. Anyway, I created many drawings and paintings for and with my students during the art lessons. Though when I arrived home, I didn’t have much energy left for similar activities there. Rather, I just did some needlework. The traditional Canadian-American cross stitch technique and patchwork were my personal favourites. I created many of such items, my activities involving them were high operational. I had my own exhibition displaying 65 cross-stitched pictures in the Attila József Library, in Miskolc, in 2010.

I retired in 2017… I didn’t find my place at home not working anymore so I dug out my old paintbrushes, I bought many sheets of watercolour paper, I ‘ve got some high-quality pastel sets from my friends… and slowly but surely I began being my artistic self and started to work again. It has been a work of passion and a labour of love. My first stand-alone exhibition was in February, 2018, displaying 56 of my drawings and paintings – but mainly watercolour – in all styles. Then I believed that that was “my technique”… Although I’m still looking… just like an entrant, for my way in arts, my style, and my technique… the person that I am within my own world of art. In the past 2 years I’ve created more than 130 pictures, paintings and drawings. This is the best therapy that I could have ever prescribed for myself!

Thank You very much that I could introduce myself here!

Katalin Kassai



+36-70 261 2135 (in italiano)